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Book of World Horoscopes

Nicholas Campion

The Book of World Horoscopes was originally published in 1988 by Aquarian Press and has been regularly updated ever since. It contains over 500 charts of the inception of governments, countries and principalities based on documented historical evidence, and as such is the essential tool for Mundane Astrology. Although intended for the astrological market, it makes fascinating reading for the more politically orientated reader as well as those interested in world history.

"The Book of World Horoscopes is equally respected as the essential reference to tracking and predicting global events... the most conscientiously researched survey of political horoscopes available - bar none. Campion brings a sorely needed discipline to the field, a scholarly approach which prepares astrology in general for the next millennium. The book is undoubtedly a classic, and deserves a prominent place on any self-respecting astrologer's bookshelf."
Chris Lorenz, Dell Horoscope

"The Book of World Horoscopes is without doubt THE indispensable reference for every astrologer with an interest in mundane astrology. It is carefully and exhaustively researched, indeed it stands as a scholarly work of historical research. Given the primacy of national charts, mundane astrology is virtually impossible without the data in this book. Absolutely indispensable, I strongly recommend it as your next purchase."
Graham Bates, Astrological Journal

Nicholas Campion is an award winning internationally recognised authority on astrology, particularly its history and political applications. He has degrees in history and politics from Queens' College, Cambridge and the School of Oriental and African Studies, London. He has written many best selling books and taught astrology both in the UK and around the world since 1980. He is currently a lecturer with Kepler College in Seattle, and also at Bath Spa University College, which offers the first ever MA course in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology.

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