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Life After Grief:
An Astrological Guide to Dealing with Loss

Darrelyn Gunzburg

Grief isn't an event. It is an ever-changing process that takes place over time. The earliest messages we receive about handling loss contribute to the way we deal with grief as an adult and can be observed in the natal chart. In this, her first and landmark book, Darrelyn Gunzburg explores how by using astrology as our guide, we can befriend the notion of letting go and encounter a changed future with focus, determination and understanding. Her particular style, and indeed gift as a writer and astrologer, is to lead us gently into those places where we have previously feared to venture, and find within the resources to deal with the unique and lacerating pain of grief.

'Life after Grief' is suitable for all levels of astrologer. The author draws on the Centaurs, mythology and solid astrological knowledge to demonstrate her points. A Centaur Ephemeris is included.

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